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How many programs does the AutoCook Pro or AutoCook have?
In total, the AutoCook Pro (MUC88) has 50 cooking programs. This includes 16 basic programs, each with 3 time setting options. In addition, the AutoCook Pro has 2 settings for Pressure Cooking.
Are there accessories for the AutoCook?
Yes, you can purchase separate bowls for the AutoCook models. These also have a practical transparent lid for easy storage of food in the refrigerator.
What are the benefits of fast-cooking with steam pressure?
The fast cooking function considerably reduces the cooking time. The water vapor can not escape as a result of the cover being locked. The pressure in the container will rise and increases the remperature also in the food. Dishes can be cooked significantly, up to 60% faster.* The shortened cooking time means that more vitamins and nutrients are preserved as well.

* Cooking time w / o preheating with MUC28
How is the steam released from the appliance after cooking?
The pressure is completely exhausted after the end of the cooking program. Previously, the lid is also locked for safety reasons and can not be opened. After finishing of the fast cooking function, P is displayed on the display. The AutoCook now allows the pressure to escape independently and intermittently. This can be accelerated by manually pressing the button in the center of the pressure-lock handle.
Is the use of the quick cooker safe?
The AutoCook is safe and has several safety systems that guarantee safe operation during the fast cooking function.
The device locks automatically as soon as the pressure has been built up and can not be opened again until the pressure drops below a certain level. The main switch is electronically controlled and allows the pressure to escape automatically after the cooking program has elapsed. In the unlikely event of an overpressure in the device, the AutoCook Pro has a safety valve which would allow excess pressure to escape from a certain level.
Steam escapes continuously from the steam outlet even though the steam pressure function is switched on?
The valve plug in the steam outlet chamber is probably not seated correctly on the valve. Disconnect the appliance from the power supply and let it cool down. Open the cover of the steam outlet chamber
and place the valve plug correctly on the valve, taking care of the following: Place the valve plug in the steam outlet chamber on the steam valve and press the white steam outlet lever underneath the valve plug.
The fast-cooking with steam pressure does not start?
It is important to note that depending on the recipe, the filling quantity or depending on the starting temperature of the ingredients, it may take 10-20 minutes until the corresponding pressure has been built up.
If after this time the appliance still does not switch into the fast cooking function, this can have several causes. On the one hand, a minimum quantity of 250 ml of liquid must be filled in order to reach the necessary pressure level. On the other hand, please ensure that the valve plug is correctly placed in the steam outlet chamber.
What are the advantages of induction technology in AutoCook Pro?
The induction technology has two significant advantages: firstly, a heating time is up to 20% * faster. This reduces the total cooking time of dishes. In addition, the induction technology reacts faster in temperature adjustments, so that an overcooking can occur e.g. can be quickly prevented.

* Pre-heating time of 1L oil from 30-100°C MUC88 compared with MUC22.
Does the unit have start-up delay?
Yes, the AutoCook has a start-delay to enjoy a freshly cooked meal at a certain time.
The duration until the start of the selected preparation program. For security reasons and hygienic aspects, not all programs have this function.
What is to be observed during soft frying?
For the preparation of meat, fish, pastry etc. in hot oil with the program [soft frying] the use of the frying basket is recommended. Please note that oil or deep frying grease may not exceed max marking of 1.0 liters. In addition, do not use more than 300 g of fresh or thawed food. After the heating phase the program has to be confirmed again on the device. We do not recommend frozen food for deep frying with the AutoCook.
What is exactly Sous Vide?
Sous vide is French and means ""cooking under vacuum"". For this purpose, the food is welded air tightly in a special heat - resistant cooking bag with a vacuum appliance and placed in
water bath at low temperatures over a long period of time. Due to the exact setting of the target temperature and the good temperature stability of the AutoCook, an overcooking is excluded and you achieve very even cooking results. Usually, for a better taste you fry shortly the food at high temperature to finish the dish.
How do I use the steam cooker?
For steam cooking of vegetables, meat and fish the use of the steam cooker is necessary. With the included two-layer steamer different food can be used simultaneously (eg in the lower part vegetables, in the upper part fish). Fill the bowl max with 0.5 liters of water. For reading the quantity the measuring scale is also visible on the inside of the pot. Insert the lower part of the steam cooker, put in the food, select steam program and press start.
Does the appliance has a keep warm?
If the preparation program includes the keep warm function, it is automatically switched on after the cooking program has finished and holds the dish warm for up to 10 hours at approx. 40 ° C (pre-set keep warm time depending on the preparation program).
General advices
In order to achieve the best possible and satisfactory results, we recommend the use of the suggestions in our recipe book, which is developed specifically for use with the device. In the recipe book you will find the necessary quantities of the ingredients, recommendations for the preparation time, preparation temperature and the use of the steam pressure function as well as useful combinations of the preparation programs in detail. Use these recipe suggestions to gain first experience. If you know the benefits and versatility of the appliance, you will be happy to experiment individual new recipes. Use the individual settings that the device offers.
What temperature settings are possible on the device?
The device provides a broad temperature range of 40° C-160° C. These can be customized in 5° C steps, for Sous Vide even 2° C steps are possible.
What exactly are the AutoCook multi-step programs (cooking programs with different cooking phases)?
The AutoCook has specially developed multi-step program, consisting of several (cooking) phases to achieve even better results. For the user, this means less adjustment to the device because the program runs automatically. After each phase the device emits a beep to signal that further steps are necessary. If this is done, simply confirm the next phase. The AutoCook automatically sets the temperature and time. If you do not want to skip a single phase, because the cooking result is already sufficient, you can press the confirmation longer to jump to next phase.
How can I save my favorite recipes?
You have the possibility to save your favorite recipes or basic recipes, which you can cook regularly under the presets Recipe 1 and Recipe 2. Simply select the recipe 1 or 2 with the program selection key, the individual settings of time and temperature and optionally of the pressure level and press and hold down the confirmation key. The program can be easily re-selected on memory the next time it is used.
The memory locations can be overwritten as often as required with new settings.
I am not satisfied with the preparation result, what can be the reason?
- In principle, the preparation result depends strongly on the ingredients used and does not necessarily have to do with the appliance.
- If food has not yet been cooked, this may be due to an incorrect quantity ratio of water and the amount of ingredients. Please pay attention to the quantities in the recipe book or app. If you find during the cooking process that you are not satisfied with the result, you can simply extend the time or adjust the temperature during the cooking process.
How to clean the device the best?
In order to achieve very good cooking results, the appliance should be thoroughly cleaned after each use. For easy cleaning, most parts are
dishwasher safe: pot, condensation container, frying basket, steamer inserts, spatula, ladle and measuring cup. The following parts should only be cleaned by hand: removable cover insert, fastening
My device shows an error message in the display, what is the problem?
Display screen OPEN
The pressure-locking handle is closed in a preparation program without steam pressure function.
Please open the pressure-locking handle to deactivate the steam pressure function.

Display screen CLOSE
The pressure-locking handle is still open for a steam-pressure-control program.
Please close the pressure-locking handle to activate the steam pressure function.

Display screen E1~E6
There is a fault in the device. Please stop the preparation program and disconnect the appliance from the power supply. Then switch the unit back on. If the problem persists, please contact Customer Service.

Display screen E0
An incorrect pot has been inserted or the pot is not recognized. Please use the pot properly. If fault indication persists for more than 20 seconds, please unplug the unit from the power supply and contact the customer service center

Display screen E1
The steam pressure function does not work properly. Disconnect the unit from the power supply and restart. If the problem continues, contact customer service.

Display screen E12
When selecting a high temperature program (e.g., "baking") unsuitable ingredients were filled (e.g., water). The program is aborted to prevent overpressure.
Remove unsuitable ingredients from the pot, clean the pot, and then fill it properly (for example, oil for the "soft frying" program). Depending on the program, leave the lid open.
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